My aspiration in life has always been to inspire. I took on that challenge years ago when I first began to do YouTube videos. I spoke on my life experiences, both the good and the bad, with hopes to encourage those who took the time to listen. Then, I could only speak on college life, moving out of the country, relationship advice and offer work out tips. Yet, my ultimate goal was to inspire girls like me to be successful and financially stable. I then realized I had to be the example and become both successful and financially stable myself; so I did.
I took a step back from YouTube and took the entrepreneur route and started an online business. In less than two years I was able to scale my online boutique to a six-figure business. I went into this field without guidance and as a result I made many mistakes, but I also gained so much knowledge about the business of selling online. Now that I’ve accomplished this level of success, I am in a place where I can assist others on their journey to a six-figure brand. 
Not only do I have firsthand experience in building an accomplished online boutique, but I also have a master’s degree in marketing that has helped me along the way and I am so excited to share !